What Is the Tip for Using Kenzan

If you want to place the branch onto the Kenzan, how do you do it?

I have seen so many people try to place the cut end of the branch against the pins of  Kenzan. However, it’s hard to securely place the branch that way.

It’s rather counter-intuitive, but try this.

  • You first cut the branch not straight, but slanting, like shown on the photo.
  • Holding the branch with both hands, you place the cut end of the branch straight onto the Kenzan. You almost thrust the Kenzan with the sharp tip of the branch.
  • Once the branch is securely placed onto Kenzan straight, then slant the branch to the side of the longer bark, not the other way.

In other words, if you want to place the branch slanted to one direction, you have to leave the bark long on the side to which the branch will incline.

You will now securely place the branch. Try a couple of times, until it becomes natural to you.

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