A series of standard textbooks are used to guide you through the basic learning of Sogetsu Ikebana.

You begin lessons with learning several styles called “kakei” (花型). With “kakei,” you will learn the basic rules and techniques for composing shapes, as well as familiarizing yourself with various kinds of plants and understanding their characteristics. “Sogetsu  Textbook 1・2” covers this part.

Once you have learned the basics by studying different styles, you are ready to deepen your understanding of Ikebana and express your own ideas freely, by focusing on three important elements; Line, Color, and Mass. “Sogetsu Textbook 3・4” is used to guide you on this stage.

Our classes are held at Fran’s Chocolates Georgetown store (5900 Airport Way S, Seattle, WA  98108).  We will provide everything you need, including flowers, a pair of scissors and a container, for your convenience. Once registered, all you have to do is to show up.

A drink of your choice is served during the class.  Plus you get to take home flowers you used, and also a box of 5-piece Fran’s chocolate truffles!

The fee for the class is $40 (including flowers, drink, and chocolates), which  may be paid via cash,  check or credit card on the day of the class.

The maximum number of seats is 12.  The registration deadline is two days prior to the class.

Click here to register for the upcoming classes.